WarriorElite taking pre-orders for War Unleashed

WarUnleashedCover.jpgWarriorElite is now taking pre-orders for the War Unleashed expansion for the War for Edath game.

From their announcement:
War Unleashed is now available to pre-order direct from WarriorElite’s website and will be available in stores towards the end of April 2010 – MSRP 13.99 GBP.

War Unleashed introduces large battlefields to the War for Edath game where strategy in deployment and out-manoeuvring the enemy is key. Rules for battle deployment, movement, fighting, support units and rear attacking are included in the book and a library of battlefields will be made available free to download from www.warriorelite.com. Gamers can just download, print and have a battlefield instantly set up.

War Unleashed also includes rules for running a campaign within a region of the fantasy world of Edath. Players can compete for domination in the region and over time can increase the abilities and levels of their troops, champions, etc.

War Unleashed also releases the full potential of champions and leaders in the game and gives players the chance to turn lost rounds into wins.

Finally, War Unleashed contains details on the world of Edath itself – its warring factions, history, supernatural, magic and more.

144 fully illustrated pages plus 8 colour plates. To play the War Unleashed rules, gamers just require a copy of the base set – War for Edath (aka. War for Edadh).

War Unleashed will be supported with regular additions to the library of battlefields together with many set scenarios and battle reports. Plus free to print Stratagem Cards.

Game co-creator – Nigel Pyne – described the scheduled release, “War Unleashed gives gamers the full tabletop battle game experience at an incredibly reasonable cost where large battles can be fought over the kitchen table in under an hour. As the title of the companion implies, War Unleashed broadens the scope of the War for Edath game and provides a new gaming experience.”