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Warrior Priests vs The Spearmaiden Cyclops Set Added To Massive Darkness Kickstarter

Part of the draw of Massive Darkness is that it's able to draw from all sorts of different fantasy elements and can then add them to the game. A new Heroes and Monsters optional add-on has been... well... added on to the Kickstarter campaign. This set pits three heroes versus the massive Cyclops Spearmaiden.

This set brings you the heroes Malleus, Moira, and Ostara. It also includes a new Class, the Warrior Priest. It brings along a mix of magic and melee. The Warrior Priest will work best with a big weapon in one hand and a magical artifact in the other.

And you'll need all that help to take on the Cyclops Spearmaiden. She's not messing around with that spear, either, negating defensive abilities on those she attacks.

We're under 2 weeks left in the campaign.