Warpath Army Deals available to pre-order

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 29th, 2011

Mantic Games is now accepting pre-orders for their Warpath Army Deals.


From their announcement:

There’s loads of different deals on offer depending on how you want to start your Warpath army, but our favourite would have to be the Ultimate Warpath Deal, which features 137 Warpath Figures, 6 Vehicles, 2 Free Heroes, Free Shipping in August, and for the first 11 Days, 11 Hours and 11 Minutes from the day they went up for pre-order (26.08.11), free rules signed by Alessio Cavatore.

Exclusive to the Mantic webstore, we also have a special Warpath T-shirt included in our Ultimate Deals during the pre-order period, and as part of our Warpath Deluxe Kit. Be one of the first to get Warpath and get the T-shirt to prove it.

  • Brant

    A little early to be jumping on pre-orders for this considering we haven’t seen much in the way of sculpts or rules.

    • Brant

      Ignore the rules part, didn’t notice that the beta was released.

  • blackfang

    Yeah, plopping down £150 when all we’ve seen are 3 models is quite a leap of faith.

  • wachaza

    A few pictures, especially of the vehicles to judge size, might prompt me to commit. At the moment though no pics, no pounds.

  • widgren

    ill second that.

  • wittdooley

    $250 USD isn’t exactly a soft jumping in point…. I mean, I want to be interested, but at that price point (with only ~50 Squat models, the ones I’m most interested in) this isn’t the easiest pill to swallow…

  • Sergus

    Paying without seeing what I am going to buy… No, I don’t thnk so.

  • paulb

    Will be nice to see more miniatures but the rules didn’t do anything for me.

  • I have to agree.. the preview pics were certainly nice but they weren’t enough of an indication of the rest of the range, especially when you consider Mantic’s hit and/or miss consistency on miniature quality.

  • Will B

    Don’t understand why Mantic put up pre-orders without showing potential buyers what they are getting. Seems bizarre, but they keep doing it so I guess they have enough fans willing to put their blind faith (literally!) in Mantic.

  • I’ll be holding on until I have seen what the range of products look like…but I am liking the two Dwarf miniatures so far so I may take the plunge a bit later.

  • Veritas

    If I could see the vehicles, maybe.

    • Seconded. Mantic knows how to do war machines and I’m liking the fantasy is space look they are going for so far. However, we’ve yet to see how they handle vehicles.

      I’m betting they’ll be very nice, but I’m going to wait it out.

  • Mantic puts out some excellent stuff, but, going for such a large scale pre-order without so much as a shot of all of the unpainted contents to go along with the press release is a bit bold.

    Come on chaps! Let’s see the rest of this kit!

  • youlooklikeanail

    Presumably they’ll have previews of the models forthcoming and they’re just putting it up now so that people can impulse-preorder when they’re wowed by the waves of previews that are doubtless shortly to appear.

    Plus, you know, even if people are saying “why would I preorder with no mini pictures”, at least they’re talking about it.

    • wittdooley

      Man, I wish I had the stones to impulse preorder $250 worth of merch I hadn’t seen. You sir, are a better man than I.

  • Andrew May

    The heroes look very nice. It’s a pity that they’re just happy to ride off of the back of GW constantly though. I’ll be interested to see what their version of a “not space marine” will look like……

  • scarletsquig

    Their version of a “not space marine” is, in fact, a forgefather.

    Look at the forgefather army list, it is basically filled with alternative versions of the units in the space marine codex.

    There’s a big focus on heat-based weaponry and “heat hammers”, so using them as “not salamanders” in 40k would be the perfect route to take, and is exactly what I will be using my forgefather army for.

    I won’t be heavily investing until more kits are released, but for starters, buying the forgefather hero and an army box will give me a nice 1000-point army for either 40k or Warpath.

  • Myrthe

    Wow, talk about putting the cart before the horse !!!

    VERY premature, Mantic. Arte they trying to gauge interest before proceeding?

    While I’m VERY interested to see how Warpath develops, I’m not going to blow my meager gaming budget on something virtually sight-unseen.

  • Morf

    I would love to love it after seeing the two brilliant first sculpts but without the pics of even the masters of the infantry and vehicles this will not be a buy for me.
    Especially with the history of post-orders being usually much better deals than pre-orders (unless AC signature is a dealmaker for somer).

  • mattl

    Picked up the ultimate box on Friday morning for the pre-order. I have another two starter sets preordered at local FLGS stores, and will probably have two or three more by Xmas.

    Loving the theme of this game.

  • I’m definitely not planning on dropping that much cash on them, but I was just discussing with the wife how I’d like to get a bunch of forge fathers to use in my Grey Knight inquisitorial warbands.