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Warpath Army Deals available to pre-order

Mantic Games is now accepting pre-orders for their Warpath Army Deals. Warpath From their announcement:
There’s loads of different deals on offer depending on how you want to start your Warpath army, but our favourite would have to be the Ultimate Warpath Deal, which features 137 Warpath Figures, 6 Vehicles, 2 Free Heroes, Free Shipping in August, and for the first 11 Days, 11 Hours and 11 Minutes from the day they went up for pre-order (26.08.11), free rules signed by Alessio Cavatore. Exclusive to the Mantic webstore, we also have a special Warpath T-shirt included in our Ultimate Deals during the pre-order period, and as part of our Warpath Deluxe Kit. Be one of the first to get Warpath and get the T-shirt to prove it.