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Warpath 2.0 coming free from Mantic

Mantic has taken a look at their Warpath game and has made some changes. As such, they've got Warpath 2.0 coming out this Friday and you can get a free copy of the rules.

The Warpath 2.0 booklet is scheduled for release in September, however we want to give you the opportunity to playtest them before it goes to print and tell us what you think.

Sign-up to the Mantic Newsletter this week and on Friday you will receive a free PDF of the Warpath 2.0 rules and two updated army lists – these are the rough and ready rules we’re working on refining into a nicely laid out booklet for release in September.

Once you’ve got your rules, we’re looking for your feedback (check out our Podcast here for more on what Alessio likes from feedback). Look out for details on how to send us your feedback on the newsletter!