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Warmonger Gameday now a social site

Warmonger Gameday is changing to a social gaming site. From their announcement:
Warmonger Gameday is changing formats. Once news site now a social site. At warmonger we will be doing the same things we have always done Reviews, Battle Reports, How I paint Videos but now you have the ability to submit those as well. You want to let everyone know about this cool new terrain you got…here you go, just put it on warmonger and they will see it. You want to show the world your new figure you painted…paste it on Warmonger. This is what warmonger is all about…you and the ability to share your ideas and creations with all wargamers. So come on join Warmonger Gameday and become a Warmonger yourself. Right now the site is but that will change very soon. The old warmonger will be becoming and the new Warmonger gameday will be .com. But that does not mean you can’t join in on the fun already…come visit us and see what its all about.