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Warmonger Gameday Heavy Gear Arena Contest

Warmonger Gameday and Dream Pod 9 are sponsoring a Heavy Gear Arena contest. From their announcement:
Warmonger Gameday is doing another contest. This time we are teaming with Dream Pod 9 to give you guys a cool Heavy Gear Arena Contest. So here are the rules. You need to be either or both a subscriber to the Warmonger channel and or follower of the Warmonger Gameday site. If your both then it's double the fun. Once your one of them then all you have to do is download all three GearUp issues and read them. There will be three questions that will be asked and all three of these questions will be in one of the books. Once you have the answers to the questions you can email your answers here. Once the contest is over...and it goes till the end of July we will pick a random email that has the correct answers and that person will then win a copy of the two player starter set of Heavy Gear Arena. So go get those books and read them, send in your answer who knows you could win the box set. Questions: 1. What did the Southern Medic administer to his wounded comarade's saline Bag? 2. What was the original name of the NGIS when it was first formed? 3. What is the name of the Prime Knight's armor?