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Warmonger Gameday adds finder program

Warmonger Gameday has added a new Find a Warmonger map to their site.

From their announcement:

Users have requested and now they shall receive! Warmonger Gameday "The gamers social network" has now added a new feature called "Find a Warmonger". This user inputted map will allow users to input their location and see other gamers locations to allow them to hook up for a game. It will also allow stores to input their location so that gamers can see the location of the store and come play a game at their store. This map will allow you to add videos and all other types of objects to your location so people can see who you are and what game you play. This is just one of many new features that Warmonger Gameday has added with more to follow! So come check us out for Reviews, Videos, Battle Reports, and now Game days! Break out your dice…it’s time for war!
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