Warmonger Floorscape base set available for pre-order

Warmonger Gameday are accepting pre-orders for their Floorscape bases.


From their announcement:

The new base set “Floorscape” is now up for preorder. This set was designed to look like destroyed flooring or could even be a ruins type of setting. The design aspects of these bases are endless. If you interested in these bases take a look at the shop at www.warmongergameday.com

What’s next from warmonger? Roads!

That’s right, roads. Our first set of roads is under way. We are designing a set of custom roads that can be used with any game system. These roads will be 12 inches by 6 inches long and will connect using a magnet system. I will keep you up to date on this and it comes along. This is not going to be the only road set we make. We have plans for a highway set as well. Again I will keep you informed on what’s going on…till then look at these bases.