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Warmodelling releases new 20mm Germans with STG44

Warmodelling gives you some more variety with their Germans with two new sets armed with STG44s.

From the update:

Here we are the new references of our WWII 20 mm catalogue, they are 6 miniatures equipped with the submachine gun STG 44. This weapon first was used in the eastern front at the end of 1943, by some SS units an chosen infantry units as the 93th Infantry Division. In the west front (Normandy and later battles) was used by the SS and some panzer grenadier units. You can chose from three references, an officer and two troopers with camo smock WWSS-07, and three troopers with Zelbahn WWH-11. The miniatures has been sculpted by the known artist Michael Broadbent, that is now working in more new miniatures for our growing range of 20mm WWII