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Warmodelling Miniatures to release Spain in Flames

Warmodelling Miniatures will be releasing their new Spain in Flames game this week and they've got a special deal they'll be running.


From the announcement:

Next week we will release our Spanish Civil War Wargames reference book Spain in Flames, with organization of all the armies for the Spanish Civil War, plus special organization charts for our upcoming tactical combat level rules.

Special offer
Only available via our online store

Book preorder 19,9€ plus p&p
(the book will be delivered from the 10th of january)

In all our SCW 18mm miniatures and vehicles range special offer
10% discount
(offer available since 31/01/14)
(this offer is not compatible with our 5+1 offer)

10% on all our individual bags and vehicles

10% discount on all our Spain in Flames units packs (ready made individual units)

10% discount on all our Combat Ready packs (ready to play combined units)

All the miniatures range sculpted by the talented Michael Broadbent