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Warmill's New Portable Utility Pod Terrain Available Now

Warmill releases their Portable Utility Pods with modular gantry system terrain kits:

From their post:

Lasercut from 3mm MDF, this is a premium kit for experienced modellers, as even the basic pod clocks in at 55 parts! Available in a range of kit sizes, the biggest Colony set weighs in at a bonkers 702 parts, so you won't run out of ways to set them up any time soon.

They're a very flexible kit, you can add optional fences and supports, and pods can be stacked as high as you like, the walkways can have support parts underneath them but they are also very self-supporting when painted. We've shown a couple of setups below, but there's no real limit to it as more sets can be added in later. Walkway parts can also be combined to make room and corridor setups for indoor games, we've thought about using the pods as containment cells for a clear-the-lab-of-zombies-or-aliens-depending-on-what-takes-your-fancy (or CTLOZOADOWTYF,( or 'cut-loz-ow-dow-tif' ) scenario.

The sets are available now for despatch on Monday 20th of February, the first 25 orders received will also get a free set of antennae arrays that make nifty little objective markers.

Cheers all!
Harry and Ed
Warmill Games