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Warmill SIR crates released at Warfare

Warmill will be headed to Warfare and bringing their new SIR Shipping Crates with them.

From the announcement:

We're pleased to announce we will be launching our new stackable SIR shipping crate at Warfare in Reading this weekend. The SIR (stackable intermodal resource) shipping crate is made of lasercut MDF and features doors that can be placed in an open or closed position and integral ladders that can be put at either end of the model.

Available in a pack of 2 or 5 crates, the 5 pack comes with a sheet of labels featuring ads from the Street Wars universe to apply to a specially designed area on the crates, but anyone can make their own labels and print them on standard 14-per-sheet sticky label sheets to customise them to match their game.

The SIR crates will be available through the Warmill webstore the week after Warfare priced at £17 for 2 or £40 for a pack of 5.