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Warmacre Games Holiday Sale happening now

Warmacre Games has their holiday sale happening now over in their webshop. Some of the sales prices are up to 50% of their regular MSRP. So you can pick up games like Spy or Die Trying for a lot less than you'd usually spend. And who doesn't want to be an international man/woman of mystery?


From the announcement:

Get up to 50% off at our Christmas shop!
Our Black Friday and Christmas promotional page is now ready to visit here! Please find some special prices for our best selling items on this page only. The following deals will be available until 18th December 2014 (please see our Christmas postage dates for last orders below)

Spy or Die Trying Xmas Bundle WAS £60.00 NOW £40.00
Why not sit down to watch your favourite Christmas spy movie and play Spy or Die Trying this holiday season! This bundle contains the core game box as well as the 14 (unpainted) white metal miniatures of all the characters and minions you need to storm the secret base of the notorious ‘Claymore’. You will also receive 2 full colour player aids (while stocks last).

Hour of Glory Xmas ‘Zombie’ Bundle WAS £90.00 NOW £60.00
‘On the first day of Christmas, my true love said to me…BRRRAINSSSS….’
Get your limited Hour of Glory ‘Die Zombies’ Bundle pack for a Christmas present of a difference now at 33% off! The bundle includes a copy if the Hour of Glory Core boxed game, The ‘Hour of Glory Die Zombies! rule book and all the metal and plastic 28mm miniatures you need to play.

Spy or Die Trying WAS £35.00 NOW £29.99
Why not sit down to watch your favourite Christmas spy movie and play Spy or Die Trying this holiday season! You will also receive a full colour player aid (while stocks last).

No-Go- Zone Bundle WAS £30.00 NOW £20
Why buy presents this Christmas when you can start a riot and loot shops for them? Ok, not in real life, but maybe in a game of No-Go-Zone! This Bundle contains the No-Go-Zone Rule book and 30 white metal miniatures (including looters and drunks!)

Christmas postage dates
Last order dates for pre-Christmas deliveries are as follows:
• Saturday 29 November: Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand
• Thursday 4 December: Australia, Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East
• Saturday 6 December: Canada, Poland, Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece
• Thursday 11 December: USA, Western Europe (excluding Greece, Poland), Static BFPOs
• Thursday 18 December: UK

As we pass these dates we can’t confirm whether you will receive your orders in time for Christmas, but we will ensure we dispatch any orders made as soon as possible.
Please note that we will be closed (but still able to take orders) on 24th, 25th and 26th December. All orders made over the Christmas period will be dispatched from the 2nd January 2015.
Many thanks,
Warm Acre Games