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Warmachine Weekend 2012 annoucement

Warmachine Weekend announces their qualifier events for their 2012 event.

From their announcement:

Warmachine Weekend 2011 has been over for about 3 months now and we are already gearing up for this year's big event. Warmachine Weekend 2012 will be making its biggest change in its history by moving St. Louis! The event will be held November 2nd-4th and will be incorporating some new ideas with our tried and true method of Warmachine and Hordes gaming. To kick things off we are announcing our line up of Warmachine Weekend Invitational Qualifiers. The list below are the places you can play and try and win spot in the toughest event in Warmachine. Find us on Facebook or check our website for more information and for dates as they are updated.

1.2011 Winner - Jake VanMeter
2. Templecon (Masters) - Warwick, RI - February 3-5
3. Adepticon (Masters)- Chicago, IL - April 19-22
4. Lock and Load (Masters)- Seattle, WA - June 1-3
5. Privateer Weekend at Diecon - St. Louis, MO - June 22-24
6. Gencon (Masters)- Indianapolis, IN - August 16-19
7. GigaBites - Marietta, GA
8. Kingdomcon, San Diego, CA – April 13th-15th
9. Asgard Games - Houston, TX
10. NOVA Open – Crystal City, VA – August 30th-September 2nd
11. Mayhem Comics and Cards - Des Moines, IA
12. RIW Hobbies - Livonia, MI
13.Top Deck Games - Tulsa, OK
14.Wild West Shoot Out 3 - Phoenix AZ -September
15. Fall Recruits - Kansas City - September
16. Last Chance Qualifier at WMW'12 - St. Louis - November 2nd
Alternate 1. SocalSmackdown. Anaheim, CA - September
Alternate 2. Tower Games - Minneapolis, MN
Alternate 3. East Side Games - Milford, OH
Alternate 4. WARgamescon - Austin, TX - June21st-24th

You'll notice that this year we have added “Alternate Qualifiers” to the schedule. These location are in place to fill gaps where the first or second place winner from the regular qualifiers can not make it to Warmachine Weekend or the in case that the regular qualifiers do not meet the standards for an official Qualifier. The winners from all events will receive a pass to Warmachine Weekend. The winners from the regular events will receive a spot in the Invitational.

Hope to see some awesome games this year. Good luck to everyone!

-Carl Morgan
Head Organizer
Warmachine Weekend