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Warmachine AUSCON Masters

The Warmachine events at AUSCON are now an official Warmachine Masters event. From their announcement:
Yep, you heard that right. AUSCON has been officially given the status of a Masters tournament for the Warmachine tournament to be held over the AUSCON long weekend. After much consultation with the team at Privateer Press, Rob Ansell our local Press ganger and Allan and Mark at AUSCON, Privateer Press have given the green light for the inaugural AUSCON Masters Warmachine tournament. That means we will be offering up an official masters trophy for the event, Privateer Press prize packs, and of course the opportunity for you to participate in a Warmachine Masters Tournament, and who knows, perhaps you will appear in a future issue on No Quarter, the official Warmachine/Hordes magazine. If you win the Masters at AUSCON you can expect to be interviewed by the AUSCON film crew and maybe even appear on the TV as part of the AUSCON weekend reporting. The official tournament details will be released at the end of next week (22nd Jan), and we’ll keep you all posted in regards to updates. Until then, good gaming. AUSCON