Warmachine and Hordes GnomeCon Open

GnomeCon is coming up in just a couple weeks. Be there with your Warmachine and Hordes armies to compete in their tourney.


From the announcement:

Warmachine and Hordes GnomeCon Open (2014 Carolina’s Invitational Open Qualifier Event)
Saturday 8am-8pm
Think you can be the best of the best at GnomeCon? Here’s your chance to prove it. The winner of this event will punch their ticket to MACE 2014 to represent GnomeCon at the 2014 Carolinas’ Invitational! *Please note that the final rules of this tournament are pending the release of the Steamroller 2014 Rules Document.
50pts – 2 lists – Specialists Variant – Divide & Conquer – 60-min Death Clock – 32 seats available