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Warlord's Luck of the Irish special offer

Warlord Games is having a special offer to celebrate St.Patrick's Day. Montrose Irish From their announcement:
What better way to celebrate St Paddy's Day than by adding a brigade of his finest heroes to your English Civil War force? Or your Thirty Years War force as the Irish would regularly hire themselves out as mercenaries So before we go out and celebrate St Patrick's Day in the second best way of drowning ourselves in Guiness, Kilkenny and whisky we've put together the following offer for you: -
  • The Marquis of Montrose
  • Montrose Irish Boxed Set (24 figures)
  • Irish Shotte (8 figures)
  • Irish Pike (8 figures)
That's A mounted commander and 40 foot troops for only £50, saving you £7 on buying them individually. But be quick. You have only today to take advantage of this.