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Warlord unveil free Roman Centurion miniature

Warlord Games have posted a preview of the free Roman Centurion miniature that will be given away with pre-orders of their Hail Caesar rules. Titus Aduxas From their announcement:
Many of you have already pre-ordered your copies of our forthcoming game of battles set in the ancient era, Hail Caesar. With the orders flooding in we're delighted to show off the Imperial Roman Centurion as depicted on the front cover of Hail Caesar, Titus Aduxas. This model is free to anyone placing an order for a copy of Hail Caesar via mail order, phone or our webstore. You won;t be able to get hold of this model anywhere else... Hail Caesar will be 200 pages of full colour gaming goodness wrapped in hardback covers. Due for release early April you can pre-order now here.