Warlord releases Panzer IV AUSF H Mit Schurzen

Warlord Games have expanded their Bolt Action range of 1:56 scale WWII vehicles with the Panzer IV AUSF H Mit Schürzen.

From their announcement:

One of the iconic vehicles of the Third Reich, the Panzer IV AUSF H Mit Schürzen is an up-armoured tank which was the workhorse of German forces during the latter stages of WWII. This resin and metal kit is now available to stem the Allied advance.

Although many have touted the purpose of the schürzen as protection against hollow-charge ammunition, such as the PIAT and Bazooka, in fact it was developed as a defence against Russian anti-tank rifles. Either way it looks dead cool on the model.

Obviously, any German Commander worth his salt couldn’t possibly have enough tanks. Make sure your kampfgruppe is well supplied with our selection of Bolt Action vehicles in the Warlord webstore.