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Warlord release new Bolt Action Sturmtiger

Warlord Games have added the 1:56 scale WWII German Sturmtiger to their Bolt Action WWII range. Sturmtiger From their announcement:
Is that a 38cm rocket projectile in your pocket or are you just pleased to see the Sturmtiger? This absolute beast is now available for you to add to your force. Got a village that needs levelling or a bunkers that needs cracking? You’ve just found the answer… The Sturmtiger is one scary looking machine of war. The original role of the Sturmtiger was intended to be as a heavy infantry support vehicle, to help with attacks on heavily fortified or built-up areas. But by the time it saw service, Germany had gone on the defensive. Still the few Sturmtigers that made it off the production line took part in such important actions as the Battle of the Bulge and Battle of the Reichswald. Why not pic one of these beasts up today and take advantage of the free shipping worldwide offer this month?