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Warlord release new Bolt Action 25 pdr and Quad tractor kits

Warlord Games have released new 1:56 scale Bolt Action 25 pdr and Quad tractor vehicle kits.

From their announcement:
His Majesty’s forces of the Commonwealth now have one of the most iconic guns the Royal Artillery can field – the 25 pdr. Not content with bringing you this famous gun and limber we also have the classic tractor – the Morris C8 Quad – to tow it around the battlefield…

Served by a crew of six, this great-looking set contains a resin and metal Morris Quad C8 tractor, metal 25 pdr gun howitzer and limber.

For those of us who grew up on Airfix kits this will have a very special appeal. For the rest of you it'll be your first love much as it was for us so many years ago!

Don't forget we have free worldiwde shipping during May...