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Warlord release Jacobite Rebellion characters

Bonnie Prince CharlieWarlord Games have added several Jacobite Rebellion character figures to their online store. From their announcement:
To support the publication of our first Black Powder supplement –The Last Argument of Kings by Peter Brown we have produced two charming character models. Suffice to say you’ve been bowled over by them both judging by the number of you that pre-ordered yours! For those shandy-drinking lightweights who didn't pre-order (where's your self respect?), you can now redeem yourselves by collecting these fine sculptures post haste. The first of the characters is the highly romanticised rebel leader, Bonnie Prince Charlie.
Secondly we have a character that raises strong emotions - especially in the far North of England (or, as some call it, Scotland). It would seem that The Duke of Cumberland wasn't nicknamed 'The Butcher' for a background in meat products, judging by some emails we've had on the subject... The Duke comes with two hand options - you can build him with baton in hand as shown or you can elect to have him holding a goblet as he prepares for a pre-battle snifter... You can pick both models up now (and The Last Argument of Kings supplement if you've not already partaken) and if you order during August your order will be despatched free of shipping charges whether you live in Her Majesties many sceptred isle or whether you are of foreign persuasion. We'll even deliver to the French...