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Warlord re-release Wittman's Tiger model

Warlord Games have re-released their 1:56 scale Bolt Action Wittman's Tiger vehicle kit. Wittman's Tiger From their announcement:
Arguably the most famous of WWII tank aces, Michael Wittman carved his name in legend with his actions during the war. His zimmerit-coated Tiger I is now back on sale and again includes two miniatures of the man himself. This excellent 1/56 scale resin and metal kit is not only a great way of representing this highly decorated tank ace but can also be used as a late war Tiger replete with zimmerit. What could be more impressive than a zug of these big cats? And is you're looking to recreate Herr Wittman's most famous actions, Villers Bocage, you'll be needed some of our lovely British Cromwell tanks to destroy en masse. Don't forget we currently offer free shipping worldwide with any order over £10 so don;t hang around - Panzer Marsch!