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Warlord re-release Bolt Action Deuce-and-a-half truck

Warlord Games have re-released the 1:56 scale Bolt Action WWII Deuce-and-a-half truck vehicle kit. Deuce-and-a-half truck From their announcement:
More commonly known as the 'Deuce-and-a-half', the GMC CCKW truck saw extensive service in WWII and beyond. Now this stalwart of the US army as well as other nations is back on sale at the Warlord Games webstore. The truck can be purchased in one of two versions - the truck with closed cab and the other variant replaces the cab roof with a 50 cal MG on a ring mount. These great 28mm kits can be found along with dozens of other resin and metal vehicles at  Don't forget there is free shipping worldwide during May so don't hand around.