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Warlord preview plastic Anglo-Zulu War British

Warlord Games have posted previews of their upcoming 28mm Zulu War British miniatures. AZW British 3 ups From their announcement:
It's no secret that Warlord supremo, John Stallard, is a Zulu Wars frother. With John having just returned from a holiday in Zululand and regaling us with tales of derring-do we thought it the perfect time to share a few pics of our forthcoming British plastics set. This, and the subsequent married zulus, unmarried Zulus and Natal Native Contingent plastic boxed sets will be released later this year. Exciting stuff eh? What's even more exciting is this is a project done in conjunction with our pals at Empress Miniatures. Empress have a wealth of knowledge on the subject as well as a large range of metal miniatures which will perfectly complement the new plastics. We'll bring you more pics of this and the other AZW plastics soon...