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Warlord preview painted free Roman Centurion

Painted TitusWarlord Games have posted a preview of a a painted sample of the Roman Centurion figure they will be giving away with select orders. From their announcement:
With our new Ancients rules, Hail Caesar, (as written by none other than Rick Priestley) now published we couldn't wait to show off a painted version of the Roman Centurion Titus Aduxas miniature you will receive free when you buy a copy of Hail Caesar directly from us at Warlords Games. Painted in exquisite detail by Paul 'Cubster' Cubbins the model is all but brought to life. If you want to add Titus to your army or simply paint this superb miniature and it's scenic base order a copy of Hail Caesar from us via our webstore, by phone, at a show we're attending or via good, old mail order.