Warlord Hallowe'en specials

Warlord Games has two special Hallowe'en themed deals.

From their announcement:
Little Steve of the Warlord Games sales team is an excitable little soul. Around this time year (even more so than usual), as he gets giddy at the thought of ghosts, ghouls and mugging little kids for their Trick or Treat candies.

Fear not, for we've harnessed his delirium to bring you two fun releases just in time for Halloween.

As the old nursery rhyme goes: "If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise..."

First of the Halloween specials is our Out for the Count pack, featuring Major Terntadust and his SS Vamphyr foe.

It doesn't end there, though, as we have joined up with our old mates at Mantic and those fine fellows at Osprey Publishing to offer you our Ein, Zwei, Die! offer - plastic Zombies and plastic German conversion pack!

As you can see here, they look superb, converted and painted as they are by Golem Painting Studios.

And if that wasn't enough to chill and thrill you there's also Osprey Publishing's new 'Zombies: A Hunter's Guide' book by Joseph McCullough.