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Warlord Games Weekend Birthday Bash

Warlord Games is turning 10 years old. *snifflesniffle* They grow up so fast!
Anyway, this weekend, they're having a birthday bash over at their place. If you're in the neighborhood, you should stop by. But even if you're way over on another continent (such as yours truly), you can still get in on the fun a bit by partaking in the big weekend sale they're having.

From the announcement:

Our 10th Birthday Bash is this weekend! For seminars, deals and participation games this is the place! Plus you can join John Stallard, Rick Priestley, Paul Sawyer, Andy Chambers, Alessio Cavatore and more as they chat and share what's in the pipeline.

Old favourites will be here (for this weekend only) from years gone by - including (left to right) The Last Stand, Into the Valley of death, Dick Winters, Kurt Knispel, & Hopeless Position. Be quick as they won't be hanging around!

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