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Warlord Games unveil new Paint Racks

Warlord Games are now offering Paint Racks designed to fit into their paint stations. Paint rack small pots From their announcement:
Following the success of our new Paintstations as shown off in last week’s newsletter we’re very happy to now bring you a variety of paint racks. Our paint racks are perfect for keeping your paints organised and within reach. Each rack is designed to fit snugly into either of our paint stations to give you a great hobby area. There’s even 2 types of paint slots to accommodate all the pesky different paint pot shapes and sizes. It’s designed to hold 16 large pots of paint like Citadel, P3 and Coat D’Arms or 32 small pots of paint like Vallejo or The Army Painter Warpaints. If you’re more interested in simply a paint rack and not a paint rack/paint station combo, we’ve even thought of that too. The three tiered paint rack is just what you need. And you can design it any way you want. Need all Vallejo? No probs. Want a rack for Citadel, a rack for Army Painter Warpaints and a rack for Vallejo with a spot for water? Easy,just select what you want from the drop down menu in our webstore and make it so.