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Warlord Games Taking Test of Honour: Dojo Assault Pre-orders

Warlord Games Taking Test of Honour: Dojo Assault Pre-orders

Kazmiizumi-kanchou, the famous sword master, sits in his dojo, quietly meditating. His sharp ears hear rustling outside. But it’s not simply the wind through the trees. Someone’s out there… multiple someones. He grabs his sword, ready to face whatever threat might be coming for him.
That’s what’s happening in the Test of Honour: Dojo Assault set. Warlord Games is taking pre-orders for it now.

From the post:

The renowned sword-master Kazmiizumi-kanchou stands to protect his home and legacy against a wave of deadly and skilled Ninja!

The Ninja have come fully prepared for dealing with this tenacious adversary. Armed with ninjato, kamas, sais, throwing knives, tekko-kagi, even shuriken and a grappling hook! They’ll do anything to achieve their goal…

Capture that iconic movie scene with this quick and easy bundle, it contains:

1 MDF Dojo, fully detailed with moveable doors and removable roof.
1 metal Samurai sword-master Kazmiizumi-kanchou.
7 Metal Ninja armed with various weaponry.
1 rules expansion booklet – Darkness & Deceit
Gameplay cards for the Teacher and Ninja
2 MDF Lanterns.
1 Sword Measuring device.