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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders For US Airborne Platoon For Bolt Action

There are many famous US military groups. One that participated in many of the most iconic battles in Europe during WWII was the US Airborne. They saw action in Sicily before taking part of the D-Day Invasion. They then had a role to play in Operation Market Garden. Well, Warlord Games is soon going to be bringing them from the fields of Europe to your tabletops with a new plastic US Airborne Platoon set for Bolt Action. Pre-orders are being taken now.

There's a total of 30 figures in the set. The figures are shown wearing D-Day M-1943 uniforms (for those that want to make sure your figures are in the right gear for the scenarios you plan on playing). While there are a total of 20 bodies, there are tons of extra pieces to customize your figures. For example, there's a total of 45 heads. There's also plenty of extra rifles, machine guns, pouches, binoculars, ammo, and other bits so no two figures need to be even close to looking the same. That, of course, includes pieces to designated your command figures. There's also a decal sheet to help your caffeine hands.