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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders For The Return Of Doctor Mysterio Set For The Doctor Who Minis Game

This upcoming set for the Doctor Who Minis Game is based on the as-yet to be shown Christmas special of the show. As such, while I don't think there are any real spoilers ahead, compared to what might've been out for promos for the show already out there, I'll put all the info behind a link, just in case.

There we have the Return of Doctor Mysterio set for the Doctor Who Miniatures Game. The set comes with two figures, The Ghost (played by Justin Chitin) and Dr. Sim (played by Aleksander Jovanovic). They feature in this year's Christmas Special of the Doctor Who show. The show involves The Doctor and Nadole (now with head back in place) heading to New York to team with The Ghost and reporter Lucy Fletcher in order to combat aliens who take delight on swapping people's brains (as you do).

You can order your set now, with shipping to happen early next month.