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Warlord Games Taking Pre-orders For The Battle for Xilos Supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares

Warlord Games has begun taking orders for their first-ever expansion supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares. It's called The Battle For Xilos and it brings a lot of new material for the game. From scenarios, to army lists, to creating characters of your own, to a campaign system.


That little fella up there is a Ghar Outcast Rebel Leader figure that's exclusive to ordering the book directly from Warlord Games, themselves.

Anyway, expanding on what all is in the book, there's new army lists for the Ghar Outcast Rebels (good thing you can get a leader for them, eh?). There's also mercenary Freeborn Adventurers and Boromite Clans. Of course, new army lists means lots of new characters, vehicles, weapons, and other things to make your enemies go "boom!" Add to that, there's rules for the fierce creatures of Xilos.

Expect the book on game store shelves this June.