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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders For Marlborough’s Wars 1701-1715 Starter Army

Warlord Games has quite a lot they're working on over in their shop. Those that are looking to expand their Black Powder collections will want to take a look at this particular thing. The War of Spanish Succession was a lot more than just a couple Iberians getting into a scuffle about who should sit on the Spanish Throne. It was one of the first true global conflicts and would set much of the political stage for the rest of the century. Now, you can get yourself some figures for it, as Warlord Games is taking pre-orders.

From the website:

Fought between 1701 and 1714, the War of the Spanish Succession began with a dispute between King Louis XIV of France and Emperor Leopold I of Austria about who should inherit the vacant throne of Spain. Before long a ‘Grand Alliance’ of countries, including the British, Dutch and some German states had entered the war to back the Austrians and oppose the ambitions of King Louis, the ‘Sun King’. This was one of the first truly global conflicts, being fought in Spain, Italy, Germany, the Low Countries and overseas in the New World, and involved all the major European powers of the day.