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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders For Escape From Colditz

The Year of New Editions is really hitting the "wayback machine" this time around. Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games are coming out with a new edition of Escape From Colditz, the classic British board game that was created in part by actual Colditz-escapee, Major Pat Reid. Pre-orders are open now over in Warlord Games' webshop.

In the game, you either take on the role of the Allied officers or the German Security Officer. The Allies player must collect together the equipment you'll need, plan out your escape route, and avoid the guards. Meanwhile, the German player will need to maintain control in the prison via careful observation and trying to disrupt the Allied plans.

The new version of the game comes with both the original version of the rules as well as an updated set. The artwork is all-new, too. It will also have a 32-page history book about Colditz Castle and the escape plans that saw several POWs make it to freedom.

Being Warlord Games, pre-orders will also include a special Feldgendarm mini with guard dog. Those can be gotten from now until October 7th.