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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders for Empires In Flames Bolt Action Book

The next supplement for Bolt Action is available for pre-order over on the Warlord Games website. Far from the rolling fields and temperate forests of continental Europe, this book takes you to the sand, seas, and surf of the Pacific theater of the war. And, of course, if you pre-order from Warlord, you get an exclusive mini.


The book actually starts out with the Japanese invasion of China several years before WWII actually started. It ends with the planned invasion of the Japanese homeland by Allied forces. The book has a bunch of new scenarios, units, and background information about all the goings-on in the Pacific. The exclusive mini you get from ordering from Warlord is John Basilone who won a Medal of Honour at Guadalcanal (and looking very Rambo in this figure).