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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders For Blood Red Skies Sets

Warlord Games is coming out with a new WWII miniatures game. This one take place in the skies over the heads of the troops fighting below. It's called Blood Red Skies and it gives players a chance to recreate those classic dogfights over Europe and the Pacific. They have lots of different bundles available to order, depending on if you want everything, just the Axis, just the Allies, or just particular factions.

From the announcement:

In honour of the anniversary of the start of The Battle Of Britain – 10th of July 1940, we are proud to announce that Blood Red Skies is now available to Advance Pre-order for late 2017!

Blood Red Skies is scheduled for release early 2018. Pre-order yours today to receive your sets 1 month prior to general release!

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