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Warlord Games taking pre-orders for Blood on the Nile

Warlord Games has started taking orders for their new Black Powder supplement, Blood on the Nile. Get a free, exclusive mini when you order from the website.
"Blood on the Nile" ... sounds like a title for a River Monsters episode.


From the announcement:

Announcing our latest supplement for Black Powder – Blood on the Nile charts the Mahdist revolt in the Sudan, the long march of the British to relieve the besiged city of Khartoum, and the campaign to reconquer the country.

Like all of Warlord’s rulebooks, Blood on the Nile comes with a free exclusive miniature when you buy direct from us. Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby was an eccentric British officer and gentleman, with a fondness for hot air balloons, who fought in the Sudan, was wounded at El Teb and was eventually killed at the Battle of Abu Klea.