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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders for Beyond the Gates of Antares Rulebook

So you've seen all this stuff about Beyond the Gates of Antares. You've followed along with the twists and turns of its history. You maybe even downloaded the Beta rulebook. But you know some of the rules changed between that and this final version. So maybe you're a little leery of wanting to buy an entire battle box set only to find out that the rules aren't what you'd hoped they would be. Well, Warlord Games is now taking pre-orders for the Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebook.


The book is 260 full-color pages in hardback. it's got everything you need to know about the new universe created by Rick Priestley. It features:

– A break-down of all of the game rules
– An extensive Terrain section
– An Armoury section, featuring entries (and blueprints!) of the various weapon technologies
– More advances rules for using Mounted Units, Vehicles, Buildings, and more
– A section detailing just a handful of the different creatures which inhabit Antarean space
– 6 Matched Scenarios, and 6 Narrative Scenarios
– Full Army Lists for 6 factions
– A detailed timeline of Antarean Space, including Star Map and dedicated sections for each specific faction
– Quick Reference Sheet, Weapons Summary, and Templates Section to the rear of the book