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Warlord Games Taking Pre-orders For Antares Dice Game

The Gates of Antares aren't just some cool name given to a certain part of space. No, they are actual gates that allow travel between distant star systems. The different factions of humans look to control those gates in order to connect their various worlds, as well as discover new places where the gates lead to, allowing for expansion and resource acquisition. Beyond the Gates of Antares has been on player's tabletops for a while, but now those that don't want to get into a minis game, but still love the lore, can play in that universe, as Warlord Games is taking pre-orders for a new Beyond the Gates of Antares dice game.

In the game, players are in control of one of the various factions from the Antares universe. Each roll of the dice represents a different military campaign aimed at taking over one of the various gates. However, your opponent's own Fate dice can muck up your plans, as no victory is fully guaranteed until all is said and done.

Those that pre-order will also get a special limited edition miniature for the Antares minis game.

Those pre-orders are being taken now through the 21st.