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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders For Algoryn Liberator with Plasma Destroyer

It really is a day for the big guns to come out from Warlord Games. Along with the other releases, they also have their Algoryn Liberator with Plasma Destroyer available to pre-order. This is still a metal and resin version of the kit, as the plastic variant will be due out later this year.

From the website:

In advance of us releasing the fully plastic Liberator later this year we just couldn’t wait to let you guys get your hands on it… so here is the resin and metal Liberator all boxed and ready to pre-order. The MOD 2 Algoryn Liberator!

The Liberator is the standard combat skimmer to be found in the arsenal of the Algoryn Armoured Infantry forces. It has undergone numerous design improvements over many decades of service and has evolved into an efficient, effective and extremely reliable machine.