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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders For Age of Caesar Supplement for Hail Caesar

I mean, his name's right there in the title of the game. Rome's legions under the control of Gaius Julius Caesar was one of the most formidable fighting forces the world has ever seen. Sent to conquer Gaul, Caesar soon returned to the Italian peninsula and after several more victories, was able to basically conquer his home country and become Emperor. Soon, you'll be able to bring those legions to your tabletop with the Age of Caesar book coming out for Hail Caesar.

This new book will bring you many new scenarios based on the various battles that Caesar fought during his time. You'll get stats and details about the various fighting forces under his control, as well as those that he fought against. The book also gives you some actual history, describing the lives of not just Caesar, but of many other important Roman commanders. And, as is customary, if you pre-order direct from the website, you'll get an exclusive mini to go with it.

Expect more Roman legion minis coming out as this book nears its release date.