Warlord Games Starter Armies return

Warlord Games have released the first of their new Starter Armies.

From their announcement:

Last year we released a limited number of starter armies for our Pike & Shotte and Ancient Armies ranges. Packed to the gills with the high quality Warlord miniatures you’ve come to know and love they were also exceedingly good value. Suffice to say they flew out of our warehouse and proved so very popular with you all that we’ve brought them back.

The first of these sets is the Pike & Shotte Battalia.

The contents are slightly different to the original set but check out what you get and you’ll see it’s an opportunity not to be missed…

Even better this boxed set is just £50 – saving you £50 against buying the contents separately. Too good to miss indeed.

As if all this wasn’t enough you can get hold of this without forking out for shipping as any order placed with us during April is posted out free of shipping charges.

We’re cutting our own throats, you know