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Warlord Games' Salute Spectacular

Warlord Games have posted details of their Salute 2011 specials and booth appearances. Gaming! From their announcement:
On Saturday 16th April the biggest wargaming show in the UK gaming calendar takes place. As you would imagine Warlord will be there in force. Read on to find out what to expect from a visit to the Warlord stand (TG14)... None other than Rick Priestley will be hosting a huge participation game of our new Ancients rules - Hail Caesar. We will also have a participation game of Operation Squad – a 28mm WW2 skirmish game. This game has been a runaway success and we invite you to see firsthand what the fuss is all about.
We know you don’t just go to Salute to see the latest games and talk toy soldiers – you’ll want something to paint when you get home. So, to slake your thirst we'll have the following to hand: Hail Caesar! Salute is the official launch of these new rules by Rick Priestley - don't forget, you'll receive a free exclusive Roman Centurion figure when you buy the book directly from us. Anyone who has placed a pre-order has the option of picking their copy up on the day instead of it being posted the day before. If you want to do this, please drop us a line to Steve Morgan at Plastic Bolt Action Commandos! Our latest plastic set are the consummate raiders of the commandos - be they Royal Marine, Army or Inter Allied... A large number of products from our ever-popular Bolt Action WWII, Black Powder Horse & Musket, Hail Caesar Ancients and Pike & Shotte ranges. And don;t forget we'll also have Architects of War, Soda Pop, Army Painter, etc too! Resin vehicles. Aside from the stuff we've recently remastered and re-released we'll have yet more old favourites to hand (Tigers, Pz IV, etc) as well as some new releases you've not seen hide nor hair of yet! Pre-releases! Some of the models you've been waiting for much as our new Churchill tank will be available on the day in very limited quantities to those of you getting to the stand early enough! We'll also have a whole host of unreleased and unannounced miniatures (plastic, metal and resin) on show so pop by and see what we have planned over the next 2-3 months such as several new plastic sets... See you at TG14 - the Warlord stand on Saturday