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Warlord Games Running Special Deals for Their Games

Everyone likes to get more for their money. Whether it's because you don't have a lot and want to keep what you can, or you have a lot but want a whole lot more, we all love to save a few bucks if we can. Well, Warlord Games is here to help out. They've got a special deal for an Armored Patrol for Bolt Action as well as a sale on starter armies for some of their game systems.

The Armored Patrol set comes with 6 plastic German Grenadiers as well as a Panzer IV F2/G tanks. Meanwhile, there's the 15% off sale for starter sets for Bolt Action, Black Powder, and Hail Caesar. The Armored Patrol is only around as long as supplies last. The starter set deal won't be around forever, either. So if you want to make sure you get the figures you want at the price you want, you'd better hurry.

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