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Warlord Games' Rick Priestley talks about army size in Bolt Action

Warlord Games updates with a piece by Rick Priestley talking about army creation and size in Bolt Action.

From the article:

Although I write this before the official launch of the new Bolt Action game, a few advance copies have already found their way into the world, and I have noticed one or two short reviews elsewhere on the internet. Although these reviews are obviously based on a quick read through rather than play – for the moment at least – it is interesting to read these initial comments about the game. One thing that does seem to come up amongst the internet tittle-tattle is the size of the game – which some people describe as ‘skirmish’ whilst others plainly regard it as a ‘battle’ game. This is – of course – nothing but bickering over semantics – as what one person thinks of as a ‘skirmish’ kind of wargame another might consider a ‘platoon’ or ‘company’ action, or merely as a ‘small’ game.