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Warlord Games releases two new mercenaries for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Warlord Games has a pair of mercenary miniatures that they've just released for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.


From the release:

We have two new mercenaries to boost the killing power of your gang this week…

A strikingly beautiful woman, Oola Blint became the Angel of Mercy, visiting the lonely, the desperate, and the dejected to grant them the sweet release of a dignified death – whether they wanted it or not.

A lone vigilante, Blanche Tatum went on a killing spree to avenge her murdered husband. Thrown out of the Academy of Law in her 12th year for a liaison with a man she eventually married, Blanche Tatum became a vigilante known as the Executioner when her husband was killed by gangsters.