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Warlord Games Releases Several PDF Rulebooks

Technology has made it so we don't have to carry around slices of trees with us wherever we go. Most of us have some form of computer in our pockets most of the day. Then there's those with tablets (the computers, not, like pills). Well, Warlord Games is letting you use those devices to read some of their books. They've got PDF versions of some of their most popular titles now available.

For fans of Bolt Action, they've got the 2nd edition rulebook as well as the updated Armies of Germany available. Hail Caesar has its main rulebook now available in digital form. Finally, on the sci-fi side of things, Battle for Xilos can now be acquired using 21st century technology (ok, so 20th century computers could read pdfs, but not very well at the start). These can all be downloaded now.

Bolt Action Source
Hail Caesar Source
Beyond the Gates of Antares Source