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Warlord Games Releases Rorke's Drift Battle-Set

Warlord Games announces its boxed set full to overflowing with great Anglo -Zulu War goodies is now available:

From their announcement:

Rorke’s Drift boxed set. You can order this set now for £150 GBP in the Warlord Games webstore.

** Due to the sheer amount of awesomeness crammed into these large sets of Anglo Zulu War goodness the weight makes shipping them out very pricey for us. So, we’ve had to increase the shipping costs to customers outside of the UK – select the relevant option in the dropdown menu in the webstore **

For those of you who want the ultimate Rorke's Drift experience you'll be wanting our Horns of the Buffalo - Rorke's Drift collectors set! We'll be announcing that in a future news item here on TGN...


• Laser-cut wooden Hospital and Storehouse buildings with ‘teddy bear fur’ thatch.
• Resin Wagon Barricade
• Resin stone wall Kraal (4 x 6? sections)
• Resin biscuit box barricades (2 x 6? sections)
• Resin biscuit box/mealie-bag barricades (3 x 6? sections)
• Resin mealie-bag barricades (3 x 6? sections)
• 20 plastic multi-pose British Line Infantry
• 40 plastic multi-pose Married Zulus
• Metal mounted Zulu InDuna
• Metal Zulu in British jacket firing Martini-Henry rifle
• British characters: Lieutenant Chard (Royal Engineers), Lieutenant Bromhead, Colour Sergeant Bourne and Private Hook.